Want a delicious cocktail?

Alcoholic ice cream or a cake filled with spicy rum? Foggy Mojito or neoclassical Long Island? Archaic whiskey sour paired with a bright aperol? Warming Austrian mulled wine or just an England- style berry-ginger tea?

Rent bar
at your event

18 sorts of bars

photo: travelling bar "Rent Bar" at the event in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
or we can make an individual menu for your event
Ready-made formats for events: social bar, promo bar, bar for an exhibition. Non-alcoholic lemonade bar, smoothie bar, fresh bar, eco-bar, tea and coffee bars. Complex molecular bars and party- related stylized bars.

We will fit into any format

photo: travelling bar "Rent bar" on the Client’s exhibition stand in the Crocus Expo
Just tell us the topic of your event and get a proven solution for the travelling bar
Travelling bar for exhibition, promo bar or presentation. Business breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Coffee-breaks, corporate parties and private parties. Weddings, birthdays, calendar holidays, for example, Women’s Day…
Travelling bar in the street, in a tent, indoors, on a yacht, in an office, in a loft or a private cottage.
We have arranged it all. We know all. We will fit.

from 99 rubles

photo: travelling bar "Rent Bar" at a private wedding in Moscow
from children's cocktails and smoothies to "hyper- sport" shots
from classical and simple cocktails of two ingredients to author’s masterpieces, which require preliminary preparation for several days. Alcoholic ice cream and cakes. Fresh berries, juicy fruits, ice and impeccable service


photo: travelling bar "Rent bar"" at a private party in the loft
certified professionals of bartending: careful, experienced, tactful, and smiling
If the word "bartender" makes you think of dumb teens behind the counters in Moscow cafes and clubs, forget it. Rent-Bar has a strict selection criteria and rankings. Our bartenders are members of the Bar Association of Russia, prize-winners of championships, and laureates of international bar awards.

Installation within 1 hour

photo: travelling bar "Rent bar" on a corporate party in "Welcome bar" format
before the event we assemble a complete bar counter within 60 minutes, disassemble it within 20 minutes.
our multi-format bar counters: small for one bartender, large for two or three bartenders, and special bar stations for large events — it takes only 1 hour to install a bar counter of any complexity.


photo: travelling bar "Rent bar" on the Mercury Baccarat Ball
We brand and decorate the counter, choose the style of bartenders' outfit, select colour solutions for drinks, and make up names for new cocktails
We are happy to brand the bar counter according to the format of your event: put logos, follow the colour concept, and supplement with thematic elements. We’ll dress the bartenders for the style of your party: T-shirts, classic waistcoat with a bow tie, or carnival costume… even an astronaut’s space suit or a diving apparel.
And you can name the cocktails as you like.

One outlet

photo: travelling bar "Rent Bar" at the event of the BELUGA company
We need only 1 outlet, and bring with us all we need for arrangement, from dishes and the bar counter to tissues, ice and extension cord
Show us the place with an area of 4 sq. m and a standard 220V outlet — this is enough for our bar to be arranged at your event. We bring everything with us: bar counter, dishware, extension cords, lighting fixtures, decoration, cocktail water, ice, berries, fruits, bottles…


629 cocktails
From classic Mojito and Margarita, to bubbling and smoking author's cocktails. In our portfolio, we have 18 thematic bars, 213 complete solutions and… something special for you.

waiting time until the ordered cocktail is ready: from the moment "please, can I have …" until the moment "wow, how delicious!"

You need a bar right now? Just call us!
After the conversation we need less than 3 hours to arrange a bar at the event and serve the first cocktail to your guest


We will tell the history of cocktails and teach your guests how to make them in the right way
Special offer from Rent Bar.
At your event, bartenders will gladly tell the guests the history of the cocktails, their ingredients, preparation techniques and, most importantly, share the secret of making the cocktail at home. Such master classes awake great interest among the public and always go over big!

We surprise

photo: travelling bar "Rent Bar" at the corporate party of the METRO company
fancy cocktails, alcohol desserts, molecular bar and our own secret tricks about which we will advise you by phone. Want some?
When you need some extraordinary travelling bar for your event, we draw "heavy artillery" from our cocktail portfolio. Molecular bar? Jelly Mojito; harmless nitrogen cocktails with smoke from the mouth, nice alco-berries, etc… Or you need something exclusive? Russian cocktails based on raspberry vodka, tinctures on birch sap…

We take care

photo: travelling bar "Rent bar" at the social event of Goldfinger
at your request, we monitor the degree of "booziness" of the guests: who needs a bit more, and who already feels high
Cocktails create the mood and atmosphere of the event. Our cocktails are delicious, unique, bright, and free for guests… If the party lasts longer than 5−7 hours, some will try all the cocktails on the menu, someone will choose a couple, and someone will try to get loaded in full.
If you are "extremely responsible for those you have invited", we will help you. Everyone will be happy and no one will get really drunk to crush to the ground.

What is included in the price?

cost "on a turn-key basis"
  • выездной бар москва
    all the necessary ingredients for cocktails at your event
  • фруктовые коктейли на мероприятие
    Fresh berries and fruits
    the night before the event we buy fresh berries and fruits
  • выездной бар под ключ
    Water and ice
    we bring artesian water and crushed bar ice
  • Dishware
    Everything required for making and serving cocktails: shots, rocks glasses, highball, glasses for martini, margarita, flute, etc
  • барная стойка в аренду
    We will assemble the bar counter before the event and disassemble it afterwards.
  • Bar counter
    We provide a bar counter of any size, type and complexity. If necessary, we can brand the theme of the event
  • выездной бар на мероприятие с логистикой
    we bring and take away everything within Moscow and its region.
  • лучший выездной бар
    cleaning the bar area during the event and general cleaning after it. We dispose of all the garbage by ourselves.
  • Bartender
    engagement of a professional bartender at your event.


add elements of a bright show to the delicious cocktails at your event
A giant pyramid of glasses for champagne, martini or whiskey, designed in the style of your event. Additional special effects for guaranteed visual orgasm: dry fog, coloured ice, and spot light. Want to know more?
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Bartender show
The bartender-virtuoso will make the bottles hover, show tame fire, and ice, which escapes any laws of physics. Your guests will be blown away with juggling and incredible bar tricks.
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